How to Clean Up An Outdated Twitter Account

Jun 12, 2013
Melissa Mitchell

If you’ve jumped on social media, mismanaged it for a few months and aren’t sure how to get back on the horse, you’ll love the tools featured in this post.

Social media is a powerful SEO content marketing tool, but only if you use it strategically. Far too many small businesses and micro business owners get involved and then aren’t sure what to do with their profiles and updates. Weeks or even months later they realize they are following an untargeted group of people and are wasting time marketing to accounts that they really don’t need to connect with in the first place.

Since social media is all about connection, it’s important to monitor who your company is connecting and spend time where it counts. When you clear out inactive accounts and accounts that fill your stream with nonsense, you’ll be able to focus your social networking attention on the people who matter most – your customers, potential collaborators and your influencers.

Manually cleaning up a Twitter account can take precious man hours. Fortunately, there are three great tools that you can use now to have a more streamlined Twitter account.

1. TwitBlock (

Sign in with your Twitter account and the website will scan through your followers list and return a list of possible spammers. You should note that TwitBlock classifies users by a number of factors that point to a junk account – but it’s up to you to determine whether or not you want to block the user.

 2. JustUnfollow (

Want to find all of the users who aren’t following you back? This tool will analyze your account so you can consider unfollowing those users. You’ll see their number of followers and number they are following so you can determine whether you’d like to whitelist them or unfollow. Keep in mind that not all Twitter users will follow you back. Popular accounts may keep their numbers low on purpose to simplify their Twitter experience.

 3. TwitCleaner (

TwitCleaner gives you a comprehensive view of who you follow on Twitter so you can make educated decisions. After analyzing your Twitter account, the service will return a list of potential dud Twitter users categorized in several groups (“Potentially Dodgy Behavior”, “All Talk, All the Time”, etc). If you want to unfollow someone, just click on their picture. Best of all, TwitCleaner will drop users in small groups so that you won’t be flagged by Twitter for using a third party tool.

Cleaning up your Twitter account will help you improve your ratio and make your social media experience more worthwhile.

Your turn! Have you used any of these tools or others to manage your Twitter list? What were your impressions?

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